This yummy mango kulfi formula has no dense milk or milk powder


Defeat the season with this simple formula made with new mangoes, Saransh Goila-style!

To each one of those hankering something extraordinary this mid year, we present a sweet formula that we believe will take you on a nostalgic excursion to your youth days. So here’s an uncommon mango kulfi formula by culinary expert Saransh Goila that helps him to remember the delectable treats his nanies and dadis made for him at home. On the off chance that you have been longing for one recently and considering how to make one without dense milk, milk powder or cream, here’s a basic formula you could rely on.

This is what Goila referenced. “Bachpan wali Mango kulfi. My grandmother and mother would set rabdi in ice solid shape plate with teeli or toothpick and make moment kulfi at home. All that you required was milk, dry products of the soil kesar. A similar treatment was given to mangoes yet with extra khoya or bread to adjust the water substance of the foods grown from the ground not make the kulfi progressively frosty yet rich. We never utilized dense milk in our kulfi ever! The more you cook down the milk, the more lachcha rabdi you get. Obviously, the nature of milk has any kind of effect however we are in a lockdown so how about we make do with what we have! You can likewise attempt this formula with another organic product or simply make a kesar pista kulfi or include dissolved chocolate and make a Choco kukfi at home!”

Mango Kulfi (No consolidated milk, powder or cream)


1 liter – Full cream milk

1/2tsp – Cardamom powder

1/2 cup – Sugar

3 cuts without edges – Breadcrumbs or 1 cup milk powder or 1 cup khoya or 1 cup coconut milk powder or whatever works for you

3 no – Fresh Alphonso mango mash


*In a container, bubble milk. Lessen it to 250 ml. Continue blending the milk to not allow it to consume. After the main bubble, cook on low fire for around 45-50 minutes.

*In around 10 minutes, you will see the malai going aside. Continue blending so that the malai doesn’t adhere to the edges of the container.

*After 50 minutes, when the milk changes its shading to a tanish color and thickens, include cardamom powder and sugar. When sugar liquefies, switch off the gas. Let the blend chill off.

*Add breadcrumbs for surface. Include finely mixed mango mash. Set in a cooler plate.

*Once filled, tap the plate. Let it freeze for five to six hours.

Reward formula alert!

In the event that you have extra malai, you can likewise make a cheeni rabri toast. Simply spread some mango rabri (without freezing) over the bread and appreciate!