Things to Know Before Buying Varifocal Glasses

Our eyesight is one of the most important sensory organs in our body. However, vision changes are inevitable as we start to age. This is why you will find most people above 40 wearing glasses.

The elasticity of the crystalline lenses in our eyes allows them to see clearly at all focal points. However, as we grow older, the lenses start to lose their elasticity resulting in blurred vision. 

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Different eye focusing problems such as myopia or presbyopia require you to wear spectacles to improve your near or distant vision. But, if you lack vision clarity at both lengths, you don’t need to carry two or three pairs of glasses with you. You just need multifunctional glasses such as varifocals or bifocals. The upper part of these lenses are designed to give a better distant vision while the bottom part helps to see nearby objects clearly. 

Why do you need bifocals or varifocals? 

Having different pairs of glasses when you’re both nearsighted and farsighted can be a hassle. 

If you like, you can save yourself from the trouble by investing in good-quality bifocal or varifocal glasses. 

The lenses on these glasses have distinct powers so your vision is clear at all distances. However, one major difference between bifocals and varifocals is that the latter lacks the line that segregates the different powers. 

Bifocal lenses have a visible line on them to define the two lens powers. Whereas, varifocal glasses have a smooth transition and advanced lenses which is why they cost slightly more than your regular prescription glasses. But if you choose to buy varifocals online, you will find high-quality affordable glasses in fashionable frames. 

When buying glasses online, you will need to enter some measurements such as pupillary distance and OC measurements. However, when you are buying varifocals, make sure the information taken is correct so that your varifocals sit at the right distance from your eyes. 

If your daily activities involve close-up tasks, it is better to look for a good pair of reading glasses online as you will get the same power on the entire lens. 

How do varifocal lenses work?

Varifocals is also known as progressive lenses improve our vision to help us perform multi-distance tasks. They are focused on three vision zones. The uppermost portion is meant for beyond arm’s length viewing, the middle portion is for better intermediate vision (visual corridor) and the lowest portion is for seeing objects up close (within 35cm of your face). 

Are varifocals easy to use? 

Well, varifocals are not all that difficult to get used to. One rule of thumb when trying to get the hang of your varifocals is to use more head movements and less eye movements. As you get used to these lenses, the movements will become routine and natural.

Here are some tips to get on quickly with your new varifocals:

  • Do not switch between your old pair of spectacles and varifocals.
  • Wear your varifocal glasses for as long as possible so that you become accustomed to the changed peripheral vision. 
  • Turn your head to the direction you wish to look at rather than moving your eyes only.
  • For close-up tasks, move your chin up and eyes slightly down to see clearly.

The adaptation may take from a couple of weeks to even a month depending on how consistently you wear them. If you are unable to adjust to your new glasses, visit your optician as your frame might need a little adjustment. 

The final word

Varifocal lens has different focal powers on different portions of the lens. Where you get the distance prescription on the topmost part, the bottom part will give better focus on the nearby things. The middle part is apt for intermediate vision such as using a computer. However, moving your head more and eyes less will help you adapt to the change.

Varifocals come at different costs that mainly depend on the quality of the lens. The better the quality, the higher the cost. However, there are some eyewear companies where you can buy cheap glasses online in the UK including varifocal glasses. When the price is reasonable, you can replace your bifocals with varifocals for multi-functional purposes and a smooth transition between different focal strengths. 

If you are above 40 and start to experience cloudy vision when looking at close-by objects, it is highly possible that you need varifocal glasses. See an optician and know the lens powers that you will need.