The Latest Fashion Trend- Printed Hoodies for Men

Hassle-free, comfortable clothing makes your style go beyond mediocre and that’s what hoodies promise. This easy-peasy garment became widespread in medieval Europe long ago and continues to get mainstream adoption worldwide to become a fashion statement. Thankfully, it makes you look dapper even in the winter season. The best thing about wearing hoodies is that you can wear them with all kinds of bottoms, including pajamas, trousers, and jeans.

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With that being said, printed hoodies would be an undoubted fashion option to choose for men. These hoodies are available in plenty of specifications like neck opening with draw chord, neck opening with zipping, neck opening with button, and simple neck opening with a hoodie. As the prints are so demanding and in the latest trend, let’s explore the printing techniques:

Printing Techniques:

All-over Print Hoodie: In an all-over printed hoodie, the first fabric is used as a print as it keeps uniform print everywhere, and then the designer starts cutting and stitching. Pigment print and digital print are standard techniques for all-over hoodies.

Placement Print Hoodie: In a placement print hoodie, screen-print is the best technique. In placement print, the first process is cutting, and then print happens on panel cutting according to the place where one needs to print, like front chest, front bottom, sleeves, or back panel.

Rubber Print Hoodie: You can call it a rubber print or high-density print, where the ink is put through a rubber blanket. This technique is commonly used to give a crack printing effect. In this technique, rubber is used as a printing paste.

Flock Print Hoodie: Flock print is another technique similar to rubber print. The only difference is that velvet/flock is used as a printing paste, and it gives a soft print hand feel.

Tie and Dye Hoodie: In this technique, first, the designer stitches the hoodie and then ties in such a way to get the proper desired design and then dye in color. Once the hoodie gets dry, the designer opens all the knots, and then you will get a nice tie and dye designer hoodie.

Dip Dyeing Hoodie: You must have seen a hoodie with two or three color blocks at the bottom. In this technique, dip-dye is only applied to a specific part of the bottom which needs to be dyed. Post drying, you can see the dyed color at the bottom. Some people love to have the same hoodie bottom color at sleeve bottom as well, so this is also possible, and some designers do the same sleeve bottom as hoodie bottom.

Heat transfer print: This technique is most commonly used for small prints like logo print or superhero print as heat transfer print colors are very sharp and give a nice look on every garment. This technique is best for logo prints.

Which is the Best Fabric for a Hoodie?

Hoodies are for the winter season, so you need a warm feel. The best fabric for a hoodie is knitted cotton with heavy GSM. However, terry and fleece are the best fabrics for hoodies.

You will find a loop kind of structure in terry fabric from inside. In fleece, the makers brush those loops to give a softer and warmer hand feel from inside. Fleece fabric is a little expensive than terry as it involves an additional brushing process.

What hoodie can you find other than printed hoodies for men? 

  1. Solid color: It is one color hoodie sweatshirt with no print at all. If you represent a brand or a freelancer then a solid-colored hoodie with a logo printed on it also looks nice and increases brand value also. If you are still having your own logo then you can get one using an online logo maker.
  2. Color block hoodie: In this hoodie, you will find a different color block at a different place on the sweatshirt. It gives a funky look to teenagers.
  3. Embroidered hoodie: This style is very rare as men don’t like to wear embroidered hoodies. Sometimes, the designer makes the embroidery only for the logo to enhance the logo density that gives a decent look.

Plus Size Hoodie: Men generally want to wear a plus size hoodie to keep themselves comfortable. As sometimes, men wear a t-shirt or warmer under the hoodie sweatshirt, and if anyone buys a fitted hoodie, he will not be able to move the elbow, and your money will be wasted. So, we suggest you buy a plus size than a fitted one as a plus-size hoodie gives a better look and comfortability.

The best combination to pair with a hoodie is denim jogger pants as they look cool with a hoodie sweatshirt. Denim jogger is also a better option to stay at home all day relaxed with a trendy look. It has more flexibility than regular denim and perfect for jogging, especially in the winter season, as it keeps your temperature warm. Jogger pants jeans style is in high demand too because of the flexibility and comfort.

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