Should onions and potatoes be kept together?


Alexander Chee, an American fiction essayist, artist, columnist, and analyst shared his lockdown second when he became acquainted with that onions and potatoes ought not to be put away together.

The progressing COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the estimation of ‘basics’ in our day by day lives. And keeping in mind that the vast majority of us are no specialists, we are all prone to stock rudiments like potatoes and onions in a single crate. Yet, obviously, that is not the best thought.

Alexander Chee, American fiction author, writer, columnist, and analyst, sharing his lockdown second, communicated his amazement on finding that onions and potatoes ought not to be put away together. “Did every other person realize you should store onions and potatoes together? I can’t trust I’ve never known this,” he tweeted.

As he tweeted this, individuals participated in the conversation, some of them were stunned and some common extra data on which vegetable to store and how.

In this way, on the off chance that you are endeavouring to accumulate onions and potatoes during the lockdown since it’s hard to step out to get basics inferable from the coronavirus alarm, do think about this recommendation.

Be that as it may, as most kitchens in urban and country India come up short on the space to store basic food item things independently, the outcome is accumulating of any semblance of onions and potatoes.

Here are things to know

  • Contrary to the well-known idea that onions emanate ethylene gas when they mature, the dampness both these vegetables put out which unfavorably influences them and furthermore keeps them from remaining dry.
  • Only when they aren’t affected by outside elements do these vegetables become fitting to be utilized as able fixings in dishes.
  • Regardless of them being isolated, on occasion, potatoes shoot up wavy strands.
  • However, this is minimal and could be hacked separated advantageously.
  • The dryness needs to stay unblemished to guarantee that neither the onion nor the potato is rotted inside.

More likely than not, a basic stunt like this could additionally comprehend our difficulties in the current circumstance.