Remotely Monitor Your Family and Employees

When it comes to employee monitoring, proprietors want to spy on their doings within the shift hours only and don’t want them to waste time on unproductive deeds. However, on the other hand, and parents want to keep an eye on their better halves and offspring’s activities 24/7. 

The primary purpose of spying on them at all times is to prevent them from becoming a part of fishy actions. Moreover, they are also worried about their obsession with digital devices. That’s why; they want to know why they spend many hours in front of screens. 

The internet is the hub of scammers, stalkers, and bullies who are always trying to trap innocent people especially undeveloped kids. They win their hearts with sugary talks and then, force them to perform misconduct. Parents are also anxious about blind dating that is on the rise currently. 

To safeguard your kids from the nasty people and other harmful activities, it’s highly recommended to use TheOneSpy. It points out all the impending threats at the right time when your beloveds and staff members are using their windows computers. It enables you to secretly and remotely keep a check on the activities performed on a laptop. 

Once you deploy the tracking tool on the targeted devices, you can spy on the system through your web portal or mobile spy app. It is specifically crafted for worried employers and guardians to support them closely watch the online behavior of their team members and children. You can see their mobile and computer usage to prevent them from inappropriate actions.  

How Does The Computer Tracker Operate?

First of all, select reliable spyware, subscribe to it, download, and deploy it on the target’s computer. After installation, the app gains ingress to particular data stored on the system. 

Also, it gets access to multiple features of the computer such as a microphone, screen recording, camera, installed programs and applications, and much more. You can track your kid or employee’s laptop from any corner of the world remotely via your control panel. The good thing is that the targeted device’s data can be recovered and numerous commands can be sent to the system through the dashboard. 

What Can Spy Software Do?

Screen Recording

With this incredible function, you can track digital acts of your concerned individual. Bosses can find out what their personnel are doing on the company-owned machines in real-time without experiencing any difficulties. 

Moms and dads can view the computer and phone activities of their teenagers to make sure they utilize the devices for useful purposes. If you want to record the screen of the targeted devices, you need to send commands via the web portal. The screen recording will be done in the form of screenshots or short video clips. 

Access Browser History

The biggest reason to use the computer and mobile tracker is that it permits you to supervise the internet usage of your offspring and workers to stop them from exploring pornography and objectionable webpages.

The app discreetly syncs the web browsing history and bookmarked websites of the concerned person. Then, it sends the detailed reports to your portal, so you can check them later. 

Control Camera Remotely

The tool empowers you to capture acts performed on the devices. It lets you witness events occurring on the targeted devices. By sending a command to the machine remotely, you can control the camera to see and record what’s occurring in the nearby area of a laptop. The spyware captures surroundings in the form of pictures and videos. 

Control Microphone

The surveillance tool doesn’t only control the camera, but it can also control the microphone of the tracked laptop and remotely activate it. It lets you record and listens to the surrounding voices and chats. 


Windows spy app for computer and phone is an ultimate solution for parents and companies that permit them to spy on their youngsters and personnel activities.