Public Transport in Delhi One Must Travel

Transport in delhi

Public transport in India has gone through a drastic change in the last decade. The change has undoubtedly, improved the traveling condition of the capital. All thanks to Metro and rapid Metro that have taken the level of Delhi transport a notch higher. While most people now prefer Metro to commute in and around the capital, DTC buses and local buses are still the most popular form of travel. Besides, we now have car and bike pooling services in Delhi that allow you to travel in Delhi and are quite reasonable. Let’s look at all the possible public transports in Delhi through which one can travel in Delhi.

1. Delhi Metro

To your surprise, there are approximately nine metro lines that include Airport Metro Express Line and has more than 250 stations. The largest of them is a yellow line that runs south to north, covering the entire Delhi and end of the Millennium city. Also, it has convenient connections with other lines. You can use Delhi metro for traveling within the capital city or for communicating in other cities like Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad, and others. The best part of the Metro is that you can either take a coin for a one-time travel or take a card that would help you travel seamlessly, all you have to do is recharge the metro card.

2. Buses in Delhi

Delhi has a strong network of bus routes. There more than 800 bus routes in the city that connects almost each and every part of the city. You can travel at any place through the city or DTC buses; however, if you are looking for the cheapest ride, your trip would vary. Mainly there two types of buses in the capital- blue and orange and red and green buses that are operated by the government. The blue cluster bus has AC, and on the other hand, orange buses do not have AC. In addition to this, red buses also have air condition facilities and are found on most routes throughout the city. The prices of the bus tickets depend on the services the bus is offering. The price of the bus fare starts from Rs. 10, and it goes above 70 rupees.

3. Auto Rickshaws in Delhi

There would be hardly anyone who has not taken a ride in e-rikshaw or autos in the capital city. You will find them in yellow and green colors. The only problem with e-rikshaw is their price. They would cost exorbitant prices even for a ride at a closer destination. The drivers would quote a considerable amount, and if you are smart at bargaining or know how to deal with these people, you might end up saving your money. Most of them do not even use the meter. Besides auto-rickshaw, the capital city also has e-rickshaws known as Mayuri by the local travelers. These are ideal for traveling in the town. Also, they do not cost you much.

4. Taxis in Delhi

You might not find these taxis too frequent in the capital now, but there was once a time when it was preferred to be a luxurious ride in the capital. Prepaid taxes are still considered reliable by many. The only problem with taxis is the fact that they are a bit expensive. Also, they are not easy to access, as well. One of the best substitutes for these taxis is the online cab services like Ola and Uber. These fall within the budget and are perfect for all types of ride. You can use either travel within the city or can travel outside the country. All you would have to do is download the respective app, and that’s it. You can enter your location and location that you would like to visit. Also, you will get an array of options amongst the car to choose from. You can select based on the people traveling and distance to be covered.

5. Bike Rentals

In addition to online cab services, we now have bile rental services as well. Companies like Rapido have come up with this unique service in and around the capital. The best things about Rapido are that they do provide a helmet and take all the necessary precautions that have to be taken while traveling. They also take care of the hygiene and ensure that you get the best of the services. In addition to this, you can also use Rapido; you can also send your parcels through them at the best price. Also, you can make use of Rapido promo code and save a significant amount on your traveling.

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In the last few years, public transport in the capital city has improved drastically. Today we have tones of options like Metro, DTC buses, e-rikshaw, and auto-rickshaw. Public transporting like buses and Metro is cheaper as compared to autos and taxis.