Saturday, January 23, 2021
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Senior Editor
Tarun is a passionate follower of trending political updated and worldwide news on health and sports. Whether the international trading between the countries or a new treaty he is the go-to person. He drives his motivation from the fast-paced political advancements. He ensures that the right news reaches niche audiences.

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David murray is the author of AllegedlyMonday’s Not Coming, and Let Me Hear a Rhyme. A TV professional by day, novelist by night, she received her bachelor of arts in film from Howard University and her master of arts in media studies from the New School.

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Florance Campbell is a USA Today bestselling author of over two dozen swashbuckling action-adventure historical romances, mostly set in Scotland, and a charter member of The Jewels of Historical Romance — 12 internationally beloved authors.

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Preeti writes books, which, considering where you’re reading this, makes perfect sense. She’s best known for writing science fiction. She enjoys pie, as should all right-thinking people.