Monsoon Ear Infection In Babies And How To Prevent Them


Though many people consider monsoon as a much-needed respite from the
summer heat but it has so much more to it. Those rains and all the water around us
also comes with its own set of problems. In the times of monsoon, we see a drastic
increase in the waterborne diseases. Moreover, the high humidity is not very
favourable for the people who suffer from ear and throat infections. Similarly, we
experience that the children under the age of 10 suffer from unbearable issues that
also sometimes turn out to be highly infectious. Those issues also include ear
infection. Issues like ear infection in babies is very common as they are vulnerable
due to their low immunity.

Why Do Kids Get Ear Infection During This Time?

Monsoon comes with a lot of humidity. These high humidity times due to the rains is
considered as an ideal condition for fungus and bacteria to grow. Whenever we get
caught in the rain and get drenched, not changing clothes immediately or walking
into a room with AC in those wet clothes is an invitation for that common cold and
all those throat infections. 
According to the ENT specialists, The ratio of these ear infection cases jump to
around 6 to 10 times during monsoons.

Types Of Ear Infections

Ear infections usually have two types which are most commonly to be seen
during monsoon. The two types includes the following.

  1. Bacterial Infection
    The bacterial ear infection cases usually occur all throughout the year but when it
    comes to monsoon, there is jump in the cases that is experienced in this time.
  2. Fungal Infection
    Whereas, the fungal ear infections are most likely to occur when the humidity is
    high. In monsoon, those wet and moist surfaces are the best breeding ground for
    In the case of infection, you are recommended to see an ENT specialist as soon as
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Bacterial Ear Infection Symptoms

 Very little ache or discomfort in the ear is considered as the first sign
 A full feeling or a stuffy feeling that happens due to the increase in pressure.
 Temporary hearing loss
 Watery discharge from the ear

How To Prevent Bacterial Ear Infection

 Protect the throat from any irritation 
 Avoid cold drinks and foods that upset our throat
 Have lots of tea and other liquids like Coffee and Soups
 Gargle with salt water as it is a disinfectant
 Carry hand sanitiser with you
 Consult the ENT specialist around you for an antibiotic treatment

Fungal Ear Infection

In monsoon and the immense humid weather, fungus tends to grow on clothes and
other areas that are exposed to dampness. Fungus can be contagious and can
transfer to our hands if we touch the infected areas and later can also transfer to our
ears of we touch them. 

Fungal Ear Infection Symptoms

 The outer part of our ear becomes red and is very irritated and itchy
 Ear Swelling
 The skin on our ear becomes dry and start peeling off
 Pus, in serious cases and if not treated on time

Hot To Prevent Fungal Ear Infection

 Ears should be clean and dry
 If your ears start itching, do not use a cotton bud or your finger unless you
have cleaned your ear
 Clean your earwax as frequently as you can
 Clean and dry your ears after having a shower
 In case if you use headphones disinfectant and clean the earpiece regularly
 Avoid swimming or getting your ears wet in any situation until the infection
is cured
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