Mission Federal Credit Union

You may or may not have heard the term “Mission Federal Credit Union”. If you have then it is great that you are up to date with all the current trends and what’s happening in the world! If not, don’t worry at all. Reading this article will tell you everything about credit unions, especially, the Mission Federal Credit Union.

First and foremost, you need to know what exactly a Credit Union even is and how is it different from the traditional banks!

What is a Credit Union?

There are a lot of financial institutions set up for people belonging to different categories depending on their earnings. The most basic financial institution known to everyone is a bank. Banks are mostly private and function mainly for their profit.

Credit Union

On the other side, there are financial institutions like credit unions. It is not a privately owned body. The members of the union are the owners too. These are completely non-profit institutions. Their main aim is to serve others instead of gaining any profits. They do so by giving loans at lower interest rates, better rates of serving, and reduced fees.

We have understood the basic difference between a bank and a credit union. Credit Unions are always a better place to lend money from, more than banks. The best credit union you can find in the United States is the Mission Federal Credit Union.

What is Mission Federal Credit Union you will ask! Read further to find out everything about this union.

The Mission Federal Credit Union

The Mission Federal Credit Union is locally owned in San Diego. It is the largest local financial institution throughout San Diego county. It is an Equal Housing Lender and is insured federally by the National Credit Union Administration. Along with all this, Mission Federal Credit Union is also accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

This financial institution mainly serves communities in the Californian State. The Mission Federal Credit Union works for profiting others. For this, they have a variety of financial solutions like loans, deposits, investments, securities, insurance, credit cards, debit cards, net banking, and many more related services.

Origination of Mission Fed

When this financial institution first started in 1961, it was known as the Public Schools Federal Credit Union. People working in the educational community were the only ones who could become this institution’s members.

Later in 1978, the name of this union was changed to Mission Federal Credit Union. The membership was opened for every individual and expanded to include everyone residing in San Diego in 2003. Since then, the Mission Federal Credit Union has become trustworthy in providing the best possible financial institutions.

About Mission Federal Credit Union

By now, you already know the base of what the Mission Federal Credit Union is. But there is so much more you still need to learn about it! You know for the fact that it is an organization owned by its members that does not work for profits. It works to serve people with financial solutions that they can afford, throughout San Diego!

The Mission Fed is a local one-stop location for all the financial needs you might face in your life. As the services have already been mentioned above. Along with those, there are many more services you can make use of from the mission Fed.

The Mission Federal Credit Union, unlike banks, understands your need for money and takes care of your short-term as well as long-term needs in a way that you will find extremely convenient and easy to understand. The Mission Fed was born out of the aim of serving people without looking out for profits of any form! We want you to succeed in life, and money should not be something stopping you from doing what you love!

Our contribution to you!

Our main members-only branch is located in the San Diego Community. To serve the maximum possible people out there, they have branches throughout the country.

Apart from these branches, you can ask for our help through online modes provided to you like net banking and mobile banking. 30,000 CO-OP ATMs let you withdraw money without a processing fee, throughout the country. Apart from all this, they also own many 7-Eleven stores throughout the nation.

The main driving for of the Mission Federal Credit Union is the opportunity they get to serve people when in trouble. They have committed themselves entirely to serve the community they are a part of. They take it as a responsibility to give everything back to the community that has made them grow into an institution this big. For this, they participate in a lot of programs throughout San Diego. All of this effort benefits everyone making use of their services.

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They have their mission, vision, and values-all sorted out!

Their Mission:

Earning everyone’s trust, investing in the success of their members, and taking care of the community they belong in.

Their Vision:

They are premier financial partners that are widely recognized by its members, employees and the community they help grow. They improve the lives of everyone by providing superior banking services.

Their Values:

They thoroughly believe in Integrity, Service, Teamwork, Trust, Commitment, and Communication.

How has Mission Fed involved itself within the community?

Mission Fed is notable all through the San Diego people’s group because of their effort in programs and an assortment of organizations with training and different non-profit charities across the county region. Some of Mission Fed’s local area accomplices incorporate ‘Junior Achievement’, the ‘San Diego Zoo and Safari Park’, ‘Mission Federal ArtWalk’ and the ‘Boys and Girls Club of Greater San Diego’. They have likewise worked in boosting California’s financial education. This solid focus on offering back through time, fortune and ability to the communities where its members live and work added to Mission Fed winning the renowned honor of ‘2013 San Diego Philanthropic Corporation of the Year Award’ from the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP).

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How do Credit Unions work?

Not at all like profit-driven monetary foundations obligated to outside investors, a credit union is a cooperative institution, claimed by its members. The members credit cash to one another from their accounts. As a non-profit credit association in San Diego, Mission Fed puts its profit straightforwardly into serving its individuals/proprietors. That is the reason credit unions can as a rule charge lower advance rates than banks, and offer higher rates on deposit of money and lower expenses on debit and credit exchanges. Moreover, being owned by members puts a premium on offering great support to individuals. Client care at credit unions is one on one and very personal.

Credit Union Charter

Since it is a member-driven endeavor, a credit union is commonly coordinated to serve a particular field of members, for example, an occupation (doctors, civil services, engineers, and so forth), region, singular business (Boeing and IBM have their representative credit unions) or temples and church. Services are custom fitted to the interesting necessities of the field of members. Mission Fed’s field of members was initially for those related somehow with the educational institutes in San Diego Region. In 2003, the sanction extended to serve anyone who lives, works, goes to class, or prays in San Diego Region.

History of Credit Unions, Germany 1800s

In 1846, Germany encountered crop failure and starvation. To give help to the farmers, a man named Herman Schulze-Derlitsch framed a cooperative plant and bread shop to offer bread to them at fundamentally scaled-down costs. He stretched out the idea to credit a couple of years after, coordinating the main helpful credit society. Around a similar time, another man of his word, named Friedrich Raiffeisen needed to make it simpler for farmers to get credit to buy animals, gear, seeds, and different basic needs. He too framed a credit association. These early associations would give the motivation to all credit associations to come.
The primary credit association in North America was framed in Quebec in 1900 in response to the incredible interest charged by advance sharks of the day. At long last, the middle class had reasonable admittance to credit.

Reasonable Credit and Banking

The idea of reasonable credit and banking for the middle class immediately got on in the US and credit associations delighted in strong development in the resulting years. In 1934, President Roosevelt marked the Federal Credit Union Act into law, approving the foundation of governmentally contracted credit unions in all states. Throughout the following forty years, credit organization enrollment would expand to more than 6,000,000 individuals at more than 10,000 government credit unions.

Free from any danger

By the end of the 1960s obviously like banks, credit unions would require store protection and stricter strategies to shield their members. So, in 1970, Congress made the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF), directed by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). In 2008, the Emergency Stabilization Act was endorsed into law and expanded protection inclusion on all records up to at any rate $250,000. What’s more, with regards to the free soul of credit associations, not one penny has come from charge dollars to keep up the asset; it’s promoted altogether by its credit union membership accounts.

Today’s Credit Association

All your monetary requirements are presently met in one spot! Today’s credit union gives you all the notable advantages of a credit union, including extraordinary advance rates, low charges and amicable, and customized administration for accounts – in addition to a wide range of extra items and administrations to assist you with your current and future monetary necessities.
For example, Mission Federal Credit Union gives you governmentally safeguarded store accounts, yet additionally an assortment of advance items. They likewise offer speculation administrations and advice, which are accessible through their merchant seller. We additionally work with protection suppliers to give choices to our individuals. This would all be able to be given at significant investment funds to you, made conceivable by the helpful, non-profit driven model of a credit union. Regardless of whether you are hoping to put resources into land or you need to open your first financial records, our group at Mission Federal Credit Union is here to guide and support you with our monetary administrations.

Owned by members

In particular, as a union-owner/member, you’ll appreciate genuine feelings of serenity you just won’t discover at other monetary foundations. All things considered, who better to offer monetary types of assistance and guidance you realize you can trust than the association you own yourself?

Meet the Leader of Mission Federal Credit Union

Debra Schwartz is the President and CEO of Mission Federal Credit Union since 2008. Preceding Mission Fed, Schwartz served in senior leadership positions as CFO from the outset at First Future Credit Union and as Chief VP at San Diego County Credit Union, both San Diego-based establishments. She likewise held operational and monetary administrative roles at different California monetary foundations.
Schwartz has a degree in Bachelors of Science from the University of New York. She also has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California. She is currently a part of the executive committee on the National Association of Federal Credit Unions’ (NAFCU) Board of Directors.

How to login to the Mission Federal Credit Union

To login to your Mission Fed account, there are a few ways to do so. The most prominent ones are through online banking login and user account login.


Through online banking, you can pretty much do everything without assistance. With the knowledge of online banking, you can pay your bills, transfer funds, shop online and so much more. Once you enter your details on the website, you get easy access to all the features they provide, which includes everything mentioned above!

They never ask for your banking details. So, if you get a call or text asking for details, understand that it is not them. For concerns, you can contact them at 800-500-6328.

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