All You Ever Wanted To Know About Markie Post: The Hottest Diva At 69

markie post

Markie Post is a well known American actress and a producer at the same time. She was at the peak of her fame in the 80s. She is quite renowned for her portrayal of Terri Michael in super hit flick The Fall Guy. She also grabbed a lot of fame for portraying Christine Sullivan in Night Court and for her role as Rina in The A-Team.    

Markie Post indeed initiated her Hollywood quest as a cameraman and assistant director. But, it’s her passion, talent, and above all, and the zeal of working hard turned into one of the most prominent TV stars in the 80s.

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Markie Post profile

Real Name: Marjorie Armstrong Post (also known as Markie Post)
Born in: Palo Alto, California, United States
Date of birth-4th November 1950
Ethnicity: White

The 5.6” tall actress is estimated to earn $12 million per annum

Birth and childhood

Markie Post is the daughter of Richard F. Post and Marylee Post. Her father was a scientist, and his mother was a poet. A lot of confusion has been seen to be arising around Markie Post’s real age. This Is due to Markie Post hot images surfacing over the web. Upon taking a look at these pictures, it gets really tough to believe that she is 69 years (born on 4th November 1950).

The actress had pursued her high school education from Las Lomas High School in California. She and her brother Stephen were brought up in Walnut Creek. Markie Post’s highest qualification is a bachelor’s degree in Arts, which she had from Lewis & Clark College in Oregon.

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Markie Post on Tumblr

Flaunting the perfect measurements even today

Markie post now is as beautiful as any young actress of her age. The actress standing 5.6” tall has the perfect measurement to beat any top-ranked actress through her look. The best part, she has managed to maintain her weight very well at 50 Kgs. With a perfect body measurement of 34-23-34 inches, she is still one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood. This is the reason that Markie Post’s sexy images are still quite searched over the web.

Peek into her marvelous career profile

Prior to initiating her professional acting career, Markie Post was quite active in various games shows, though not as an actress but behind the camera. She started her quest to work being part of the production crew on Split Second (which is of Tom Kennedy edition). She has worked as an associated producer as well on Double Dare. Talking about her career apart from acting, she has been quite in news for her hot body. Markie Post naked images and videos are still hugely searched over the web, despite her being around 70 years of age. 

Coming to the acting career of Markie, she made her debut in TVs in the year 1979 with the series called CHIPs. In this series, she portrayed the character of Roberta in one of the episodes of the series. It took no time for her to rise into fame soon after debut. Till now, Markie has appeared in more than 75 movies and various popular TV shows.

It’s said that Markie Post sexy figure is one of the prime reasons behind her massive demand among film and TV series makers. Apart from mainstream acting, she has also given her voice for June Darby of the series called Transformers Prime. Those uninitiated, Transformers Prime is an animated superhero TV series. Her fans had seen her acting for the last time in 2019.

She had appeared in The Kids Are Alright, portraying Helen Portfolio. Apart from being an actress in several shows and movies, she has produced a couple of television projects as well. It is claimed that the huge popularity of Markie Post nude images is the reason behind her being in so much in demand among the filmmakers despite being 69 years old.    

Noteworthy movies and TV shows of Markie Post

Markie Post grabbed attention with Gangster Wars that was released in the year 1981. Her movie Behind the Zipper with Magda, which was released in 1998, also was a huge hit. The year 1998 was a glorious one for Markie as she acted in There’s Something About Mary as well in the same year, which too was a huge hit.

Though a huge number of searches are being made about Markie Post tits, the above movies perfectly prove that she is quite an efficient actress as well. Her movie Muffin Top: A Love Story, which was released in 2014, was an equally smashing hit as well. She portrayed the character, Linda, quite magically in the movie.

2017, A special year for Markie

Her movie Cook-Off! Christine Merri’s weather, which was made in 2007 released in 2017, still was a smashing hit, depicting it well about her immense popularity in the acting arena. Sweet Sweet Summertime was the other movie of Markie Post that was released in the year 2017. It, too, was quite a sensational hit.

However, that’s was not all about her in the year 2017. Camp Cool Kids, too, was released in the year 2017 and was quite a popular one. She portrayed the character of Euginia in the movie. She again appeared on screen with   Keep the Gaslight Burning in the same year (2017) as well.

Her performance as Mrs. Maxwel was highly appreciated and popular. If you think that’s all about her appearances in the year 2017, then wait, another movie called Four Christmas and a Wedding also came in the year 2017. She portrayed the character of Anna Taylor quite well in the movie. In short, the year 2017 was quite sensational for her.

After 2017, she has not been much active in movies, though she had appeared as Becky in the TV series called Santa Clarita Diet, in the episode called “Coyote in Yoga Pants” in the year 2018. Markie Post 2019 was moreover a year in which she remained in news for her hot avatar.

Life as a producer

Markie Post is equally established in the production arena as well. She was the executive producer in the movie called Presidential Inaugural Celebration for Children in the year 1993. She was also the associated producer in Double Dare in 1976-77.   

Awards and nominations

Most people know about Markie Post for her hot figure and all. But, it is true at the same time that she is quite a fine actress and has bagged many awards.  Though many people search for Markie post topless through a search engine, very few know that she had won CableACE Award for Children’s Program Special – 6 and Young in the year 1994.

Apart from this, she was nominated for ‘Behind the Voice Actors Award’ for Best Vocal Ensemble in a Television Series in the year 2013. It is here to note that she was also nominated for TV Land Award for Lady You Love to Watch Fight for Her Life in a Movie of the Week, in the year 2007. In short, she has won one award and has been nominated for a couple in her entire career.  

Personal life

Markie Post has been quite in news for her personal life. She got married for the first time in the year 1971 to Stephen Kox. Those uninitiated, Stephen Kox is her college love. However, the marriage could not last for too long and ended in the year 1972. She then married to actor/writer Michale A.Ross in February, the year 1982.

The good news is that this marriage worked, and Markie post today is maintaining a healthy marital life with Ross. The couple is having two daughters called Kate and Daisy. Kate Armstrong Ross, Markie’s daughter, is also an actress like her mother. She bagged the Best Supporting Actress award at the Creation Int. Film Festival for her excellent performance in Frog March. She bagged this award in the year 2016.    

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Markie Post, Including Kids and Her Husband of 37 Years

Being in the run for forty years!

Talking about the present days, Markie Post is quite active in the business of TV and business. Apart from this, she appears as a guest in various TV shows and events as well. However, the prime reason that has been keeping her in news is for the incredible figure that she has maintained. Maintaining a unique reputation in the rigorously competitive arena of acting at an age of 69 is not a small achievement.

The best part is that she has been maintaining this status for the past forty years. Very few match to her beauty even at an age when most people think of good healthcare or dying in peace. Even at this age, she is one of the most searched personalities over the web in the US film and TV arena. She is an inspiration to many with her incredible body measurement as Markie Post bikini is still hugely searched among youth.  

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Markie Post Nude Wallpaper

The 69 years old diva!

The net worth of Markie Post is estimated to be 12 million dollars. The prime source of her income is through her acting and involvement in the film business. Though not much active in acting, she is quite established in the production arena. It’s incredible to see someone being called one of the most popular on-screen divas of the US at the age of 69.    

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