In the state of mind for some gulab jamun? Attempt this simple formula with a bend.

Have you as well, similar to us, been missing gulab jamuns during the lockdown? So what about creating some today, yet with a solid bend? In the event that you are thinking about how to do that, we have the correct formula for you. This tasty gulab jamun formula from gourmet specialist Neha Deepak Shah merits attempting.

She as of late took to Instagram to share the formula for non-singed gulab jamun.

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Yes, you read it right, these are non fried and these are as perfect. Super soft and I can’t even tell these aren’t fried. My main reason for not frying things is wasting of oil & ghee. It is very unhealthy to use previously fried oil for things and so I feel this is just the BEST. The recipe is fool proof if you follow it to the T🌹 1/2 cup milk powder (@nestle.india Everyday) 1/4 cup maida / refined flour 1/2 tsp baking powder 1 tbsp ghee 2.5 to 3 tbsp milk (Add enough to make it smooth, little by little) Sugar Syrup 1 cup sugar 1 cup water 4 to 5 cardamom pods Few strands of saffron 2 tsp rose water** Add rose water after chashni is cooked & ready When cooking the gulab jamun balls in the appe pan, put a little bit of ghee in each slot. Else they will be super dry. Make sure the Chaashni is hot when you put the Gulab Jamun in it. Incase your Gulab Jamuns do turn hard, just give it a boil along with the chaashni and leave them covered for sometime. It shall become soft 💖 🌟Vishesh Tippani Make sure that you appam pan is medium hot & you cook these on medium low flame. Continuously keep turning them so that you get a uniform colour. 🌹Measure ingredients accurately 🌹Do not rest the dough & don’t over knead it too. It should be smooth 🌹Roll them instantly and avoid cracks as much as you can 🌹Do not over cook the Gulab Jamuns in the pan 🌹The Sugar syrup should be hot, not boiling but quite hot when you dunk the dumplings 🌹Once the Gulab Jamuns are cooked, instantly put them in the sugar syrup 🌹 Make Enough sugar syrup to soak the Gulab Jamuns 🌹 Use a big enough pan, because these Gulab Jamuns will expand a little in the syrup and they need space 🌹 Tastes best when served warm slightly 🌹If after all this your gulab jamuns still end up being slightly harder or dry. Give the Chaashni pan (along with the Gulab Jamuns a boil and turn off the gas. Leave it covered for sometime and they should be soft. Do tag me in your remakes @nehadeepakshah The Appe pan is from @tuffwareindia #India #IndianSweet #Mithai #EidMubarak #Eid #Dubai #Celebration #Festive #Festival #Recipe #EasyRecipe #Yummy #Sweet #Dessert #Love #Favourite #Milk #Dumpling

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“Truly, you read it right. These are nonfried and are as great. Overly delicate, and I can’t tell these aren’t singed. My primary purpose behind not searing things is squandering oil and ghee. It is undesirable to utilize recently seared oil for things thus I feel this is only the best,” she said.


1/2 cup – Milk powder

1/4 cup – Maida/refined flour

1/2 tsp – Baking powder

1 tbsp – Ghee

2.5-3 tbsp – Milk

Sugar Syrup

1 cup – Sugar

1 cup – Water

4 to 5 – Cardamom units

Barely any strands of saffron

2tsp – Rosewater


*Measure fixings precisely and blend them to make a batter.

*Do not rest the mixture, and don’t over massage it as well. It ought to be smooth.

*Divide and fold into balls in a split second and have a go at dodging breaks.

*Now place them on an appam dish lubed with ghee so that the gulab jamun isn’t dry.

*Make sure you cook the gulab jamuns in your appam skillet on medium to low fire.

*Continuously continue turning them so you get a uniform shading. Try not to overcook the gulab jamun in the skillet.

*Dunk the cooked gulab jamun in hot sugar syrup (which isn’t bubbling).

Expert tips

*The formula is idiot-proof in the event that you tail it to the T.

*Make enough sugar syrup to drench the gulab jamun.

*Add rose water to the chashni.

*Use a major container, on the grounds that the gulab jamuns will extend a little in the syrup.

*Tastes best when served marginally warm.