‘Make Iran Great Again’: Donald Trump Tells Iranian Leaders To ‘Surrender Terror’

Donald Trump Says Soleimani's Reign Of Terror Over

Prior, Trump had cautioned Iran’s Supreme Leader to be ‘exceptionally cautious with his words’.

US President Donald Trump on Saturday said that Iranian heads should “relinquish fear” and “make Iran extraordinary once more”.

He stated, “The honorable individuals of Iran—who love America—merit an administration that is progressively keen on helping them accomplish their fantasies than slaughtering them for requesting regard. Rather than driving Iran toward ruin, its pioneers should desert dread and Make Iran Great Again!”

Trump’s tweet was a reference to his own motto, “make America incredible once more.”


Trump was answering to a Twitter handle – Khamenei.ir, which isn’t the authority confirmed handle of Iran’s incomparable pioneer Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

The tweet by the handle read: “The disgusting US govt over and over says that they are remaining by the Iranian ppl. They lie. In the event that you are remaining by the Iranian ppl, it is just to cut them in the heart with your venomous blades. Obviously, you have so far neglected to do as such, and you will unquestionably keep on falling flat.”

Prior in the day, Trump had stated, “The supposed “Preeminent Leader” of Iran, who has not been so Supreme recently, had some terrible comments about the United States and Europe. Their economy is slamming, and their kin are languishing. He ought to be extremely cautious with his words!”

Khamenei utilized his uncommon appearance at the week after week petitions on Friday to convey a red hot location in which he demanded Iran would not bow to US pressure following quite a while of smashing authorizations and a progression of ongoing emergencies — from the killing of a top Iranian general to the incidental shooting down of a Ukrainian traveler plane.

As indicated by Trump, Khamenei’s discourse, wherein he assaulted the “horrendous” United States and depicted Britain, France, and Germany as “America’s lackey’s,” was a mix-up, AFP revealed.

He said the mass memorial services for General Qassem Soleimani, who was killed in a US airstrike not long ago, show that the Iranian individuals bolster the Islamic Republic regardless of its ongoing preliminaries.

In light of Soleimani’s executing, Iran propelled a flood of ballistic rockets focusing on US troops in Iraq, without causing genuine wounds.

Khamenei said the strike had managed a “hit to America’s picture” as a superpower.