Industries and Businesses That Hugely Benefit From Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos are arguably the most educational and useful advertising tool present online today. These videos are launched on the home pages and websites of diverse businesses as they garner thousands of views on the associated social media pages, e-newsletters, and presentations. 

The animated videos appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds through their effective audio-visual communication. The creative story-telling mode used in these videos retains more than their other advertising counterparts in the minds of the consumers. 

Consulting an animated explainer video company would hugely benefit industries that require mediums to educate customers about complex products and attract them in a short period.

What Industries and Businesses Profit from Animated Explainer Videos?

We live in an age where digital advertising is on the rise. Be it local or exotic, related to technology or entertainment, sales or offers, most of the information and promotion happens through interactive digital ads. Therefore, all types of businesses, small or large, can benefit from explainer videos.

1)    Tech Industry

Tech industries require competent advertising tools to distill complex ideas and communicate them to potential clients and consumers. Although many companies use various software packages during this age, it might be difficult for them to comprehend the ideas and use them. 

Product explainer videos usually have a story-telling format that allows the investors and the business heads to precisely grasp the product’s workings and improve their operations, making them memorable. 

Animated data analytics and graphs can visually bring the numbers to life, showing the growth and impact they have had on the company. Potential and new customers can get a better idea about how they can put the technology to work through short demonstrative videos showing how they work, a visual manual of sorts.

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2)    Healthcare Industry

Patients often find it difficult to understand complicated healthcare techniques while consulting for a surgery or a treatment. Healthcare and pharmaceutical industries benefit from using animated explainer videos to convey complicated concepts, procedures, and mechanisms to the educated and general audiences. 

These videos can also be used as a resource to educate nurses and trainees on the new and upcoming practices in medicine. Pharmaceutical sales reps can quickly explain their product’s effects as animations can help explain how drugs work on a molecular level to potential clients. 

It can educate patients, doctors, and nurses about certain new diseases, medical products, and healthy lifestyle choices. Advertisements on pharmaceutical brands can air on TV or other online platforms to promote customer-centric marketing.

3)    Wholesale and Retail Industry

An excellent animated explainer video can help increase discussions about a product and positively affect sales. It creates a memorable impression about the brand, its design, and its use, on the consumers. 

Retail industries and consumer packaged goods can use these videos to detail the products offered and promote new commodities through short narratives and graphics. E-stores can use this to explain easy ways of the ordering, check-out, and delivery procedure for the consumers’ clarity. 

The history and the making of a brand or a product can be showcased through animations, adding creative content marketing. Many brands engage customers with offers, competitions, contests, and games as a promotion strategy. 

Animated explainers can relay the rules and procedures of the events in an appealing format to attract them.  

4)    Education Industry

The oldest and most well-known industry that uses animated explainer videos for its benefit is the education industry. Modern teaching involves digitization of content, shifting from a whiteboard to a projector. 

Mathematical and scientific concepts are better explained and understood through animations as they can represent any form of hypothetical information clearly and concisely. Teachers and professors can use these videos to educate students in schools and universities. 

Online educational content creators can use them to convey their thoughts and ideas creatively to the general viewers.

Apart from this, a local food delivery service can advertise their latest features and offer a coupon to the viewers if they click on the link below. A pediatrician’s office can display the idea of visiting a doctor and maintaining health in a kid-friendly form that could amuse children.
NGOs can communicate their work and in society to potential donors effectively. There is no end to how this medium can benefit various businesses and their creative needs. An excellent animated explainer video company can help bring out the most creative marketing content to help any business boom.