How to Introduce Your New Online Time and Attendance Software

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Implementing online time clock software in a business can be a challenging process. The benefits of using a time clock solution are obvious – improve productivity, increased accountability, accurate payroll processing, and effective scheduling – but employees may feel they aren’t trusted to track their hours.

The reality is, timesheet management software is not just about policing employees and their hours. If used properly, it can optimize business operations and improve your workplace culture.

So what are the best ways to introduce your new online time and attendance software to your workers? And how can you implement this new software without negatively impacting your company’s culture? Here are some tips on how to introduce your new online time and attendance software in a way that builds employee-employer trust.

Explain the benefits for your business.

Many different business benefits come with using online time and attendance software.  Perhaps one of the most significant benefits is the ability to provide customers with more accurate billing.

Time clock solutions often come with the ability to track the time spent working on a specific job. This information can then be used to provide clients with detailed billing of what was done during the job. This transparency can lead to higher customer satisfaction, which means repeat business and a better reputation for your business.

You will want to outline all of the different benefits that will specifically impact your business and trickle down to affect your workers. Remind them that’s running a business or leading a team through change is a team effort, and by adopting this new time, tracking software profits will increase, which means potentially larger paychecks.

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Explain the benefits for your employees.

Take the time to lay out all of the different reasons that you may be wanting to adopt online time and attendance software. Are you looking to increase productivity, ensure compliance, or perhaps improve your payroll process? Use this information to determine the benefits for employees then.

For example, increased productivity can lead to a potential raise or promotion. By having an improved payroll process, employees will be paid on time and in the correct amount – accounting for any overtime worked.

Let them know that by using time tracking software, they will have more accountability over their time tracking process. There will be less managerial oversight so that workers will have a renewed sense of responsibility. When workers feel responsible for their actions while in the workplace, they are much more likely to be productive and produce higher-quality work.

Emphasize the ease of use.

When introducing new software, it is especially important to emphasize how much easier it will make the worker’s life.  They no longer have to worry about dealing with old clunky hardware that breaks down or malfunctions. Instead, they can now use any internet-connected device to punch time quickly.

Employees can quickly review their time off balance and request time off with the few clicks of a button. Their manager can view this information immediately and decide whether or not to approve it. Employees will be notified the moment any action is taken on the request. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Have managers oversee implementation.

When implementing new online time and attendance software, you, of course, will want to make a company-wide announcement, so everyone is on the same page. However, you will want to go a step further than that to ensure employees are on board and have management oversee implementation for their specific teams.

Managers often have relationships with their teams that a business owner doesn’t, helping reduce any possible worries that arise. Management can reassure their workers that the company is not interested in micromanaging them; instead, they are interested in giving employees more responsibility over their time tracking.

Keeping your workers happy and informed is an essential part of implementing online time and attendance software. Remember to listen to your workers and their feedback before deciding on a solution. Doing so will allow you to have a much easier roll out and a more productive onboarding process.