How to Decide if You Need a Slip and Fall Attorney

How to Decide if You Need a Slip and Fall Attorney

According to the National Floor Safety Institute, slip and fall accidents account for eight million of the cases in emergency rooms.

If you’ve recently had a slip and fall accident, you might be wondering whether or not it’s worth it to hire a lawyer. In most cases, the answer is yes!

Keep reading to find out what a slip and fall attorney could do for you to help you win your case.

Give You Legal Advice

If this is your first slip and fall accident, you may be unsure of what to do next. You can always go to a lawyer for a free consultation and tell them everything that happened.

Then they’ll be able to advise you and start to explain what all of your options are for pursuing a claim. Depending on that advice, you might able to get compensation (and justice).

If you like that lawyer, normally they only work on commission, so they will get a portion of whatever your settlement is. This is how you know that they can trust to get you back the biggest amount.

Establish Fault

First, they’ll work on establishing fault on the company or place where you did slip. In order to reach a fair settlement, your lawyer will have to show that the owner of the property didn’t take the proper safety precautions.

They will argue that because of that negligence, you were injured.

In order to do that, they’ll have to do some investigation first. They’ll ask you questions about your injury and what exactly happened. Sometimes the falls happen so fast that people aren’t quite sure.

This is where a lawyer would step in and try to find eyewitnesses or security camera footage to provide what happened.

Once they know what happened, they’ll establish if you just missed a step or if something was in the way that caused you to trip. For example, was the step or floor defective, or did you slip on something that the store should’ve ensured was picked up.

Negotiate a Settlement

If they can find that the company or property owner was at fault, they’ll try to negotiate a settlement if it comes to that. Sometimes, if it doesn’t go to court, it could be more advantageous for you.

However, if you were going to go to the settlement meeting on your own, you may end up being taken advantage of. The insurance company might offer you a settlement that will only cover a fraction of your losses.

Thankfully, your slip and fall lawyer will know when you’re being taken advantage of. They also know that if you take that settlement, you can’t fight it in court again later.

Can Make a Connection

The attorney will also be able to make a connection between your injuries and something that happened because of the property owner.

For example, you can’t just go into the claim saying that you broke your ankle and weren’t able to work for three months. Instead, your lawyer will make sure that everything is documented and accounted for.

They will also come up with a sound argument to persuade the judge or the insurance company that you broke your ankle because of a fall at that property and that because of that, they’re responsible to make up for the time that you have to work.

Represent You

While you can try and fight your case on your own, you don’t have much of a winning chance. There are a lot of legal things to be aware of, and you also need a good idea of how the system and the process works.

The lawyer will know all of that, and they’ll also make sure that they take care of all of the technicalities as well. They won’t miss any of the deadlines, and they’ll always ensure that your documents are together and professional.

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Do Research

While you may not know which research to do, your lawyer will! They can find out if the property owner was aware that they were dangerous conditions on their premises. If they knew and didn’t do anything, you may be entitled to even more money.

For example, when stores have slippery floors, they have to set out cones that warn people to be extra careful.

Or, if there is a construction company that is doing work, they have to put up the proper signs and rope off areas to keep people out and not let them get hurt.

Calculate Damages

When you file a slip and fall claim, you’ll want to figure out just how much money you lost due to that injury. While it might be difficult for you to put a number on it, the lawyer will have the experience and knowledge to accurately figure out how much compensation you’re entitled to.

They’ll calculate the past, present, and future damages. This could include things like medical bills, medication, or missed time out of work.

If you’re interested in hiring a slip and fall lawyer to fight for you, find out more here!

Learn More About Hiring a Slip and Fall Attorney

These are only a few things that a slip and fall attorney will help you out with, but there are many more things they’ll do to win your settlement!

We know that dealing with a slip and fall injury can be overwhelming and stressful, but we’re here to help you through the process.

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