How does faster delivery service of eyewear online help?

faster glasses delivery helps customers

The current generation lacks many things according to their parents. It may be true if you are a parent who is reading this or incorrect if you are from this current generation. However, we all can agree that this generation lacks patience with everything. It can be in want of instant success with minor effort or learning an unknown language within a few days. The desire of wanting things in a minute is what the current generations dwell on. 

The attention span of the youngsters are less short than GIF. For them to stay entertained, you’ve got to offer everything in just a few seconds. That’s the major reason social media platforms like Tik Tok grew into such soaring popularity. The short attention span and impatience has also caused a significant change in the market. Now apps, eCommerce websites and other platforms are optimising themselves to be more fast with time. 

Why is the growing millennial and Gen Z generation so impatient?

According to the latest research, Gen Z and the millennials generation as a consumer group have the shortest attention spans and are fastest to withdraw any action if it takes a few minutes. These insights made many businesses eager to develop marketing and customer service strategies that meet the needs of this impatient group. Hence many companies are also shifting towards the service that’s faster than a bullet. 

Effects of Need for Speed in eyewear sector

If you think about buying glasses online, it gives you multiple options in frames and lenses. However, many times, retailers deliver your glasses after 7 to 8 days. What happens if you break your varifocal glasses and need them immediately, then there’s no other way out. You’ve got to wait patiently and wait up to 2 to 3 weeks for normal varifocal glasses.

Fashion or designer glasses often take fewer days than prescription glasses. However many times, not just at the online eyewear retailer but even at the store, you get your prescription glasses in a month. This is the biggest complexity which causes many young generations from denying themselves glasses as they take a lifetime.

Many eyewear companies lose many potential customers fond of designer frames and glasses. Though glasses have become a fast fashion accessory, the management of providing it to the customers within a faster time limit and less complex method still lacks in many places. However, there is an eyewear startup that’s making it possible for glasses to be in your hands the very day of purchasing.

Which eyewear store offers glasses within 24 hours ?

Specscart is an eyewear startup that offers prescription and non-prescription glasses at the best quality and price. Each lens at Specscart comes with free coasting of anti-glare, anti-scratch, anti-UV and Impact resistance that garners 100% protection.

The best part of Specscart is their remarkable service of offering 24-hour dispatch glasses. Yes, you heard it right. Specscart offers you selected frames at your doorstep within 24 hours so you don’t miss out on the fun and excitement of seeing things from the internet to your hands. It’s a brilliant feeling to get faster glasses within a few hours as they often take weeks and even with an emergency, it saves the situation in the best way. Specscart recently launched its 24 hours rocket, which enables frames/glasses of your choice within your reach in just a couple of hours.

Apart from these life-changing services, Specscart offers reglaze glasses services in 24 hours dispatch. You can try out their stunning range of frames with its free home trial service for up to 4 frames for 7 days. It allows you to take frames of your choice for a test drive and collect complements and some style advice from your friends and family.