What Science Is Telling Us About The World Around Us


For the longest time, humans have been searching for the meaning of life, in any way they can, using all the tools of logic and understanding of the world. Human beings are curious in nature, and this pushes us to try to find answers to everything and understand how nature works.  Apart from this, human … Read more

8 Easy Tips to Become a Successful Student Entrepreneur


If you are thinking about becoming a student entrepreneur, you are reading the right thing. Not all of us get excited by the idea of doing a 9-5 job. Some of us just want to start our business and work according to our own pace. If you have a reliable Internet service like Spectrum internet … Read more

Best Job Opportunities for Engineering Freshers

Best Job Opportunities for Engineering Freshers

Every year over 8 lakh students graduate from the 3000+ Engineering colleges across India but less than 40% of them find relevant gainful employment after graduation. This conundrum arises from the lack of job-ready training and obsolete curricula within the regular framework of college education in our country. Panic might have started to set in … Read more

Kinds of refinery accidents and injuries

refinery accidents and injuries

Oil refineries are not safe for sure. A lot of accidents happen every day. Oil refinery employees should immediately report the incident, and any injuries suffered as many laws require notice of injury to the employer within a certain number of days. You should contact a refinery explosion lawyer familiar with oil refinery accidents to … Read more

Importance of Average in Mathematics


There are a number of concepts which we come across in Mathematics, such as arithmetic operations, numbers, algebra, geometry, statistics, etc. One of the most important topics in statistics which is called average or mean. Why do we need to learn about average? What are the uses of average? How it is calculated? The answers … Read more

Adaptations That Crucified Much Loved Books


When you read books, you come to realize that there is an intention behind every word that a writer pens down. You may not be able to articulate exactly what it is that it’s being used to achieve but you can bet that it is adding to your experience of reading it. Good adaptations are … Read more

Trump’s weight flashes all out disarray on CDC school opening rules

President Donald Trump speaks to rural stakeholders on California water accessibility, in Bakersfield, Calif., Feb. 19, 2020.

Washington (Source: CNN)President Donald Trump’s new endeavours to subvert clinical and logical specialists and his inability to request that the nation make the penances that could suppress the coronavirus are relegating America to a continually exacerbating pandemic with no reasonable course back to wellbeing. Trump committed once again to that technique – which opposes the … Read more

Katherine Johnson, the mathematician who broke hindrances at NASA, kicks the bucket at 101

Katherine Johnson, the mathematician

Katherine Johnson was one of a few hundred thoroughly instructed, remarkably competent yet to a great extent unheralded ladies who, a long time before the advanced women’s activist development, filled in as NASA mathematicians. They approached Katherine Johnson for the moon, and she offered it to them. Using minimal in excess of a pencil, a … Read more