8 Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

There are more than eight million motorcycles registered in the United States. Clearly, many understand the beauty of hitting the road on a two-wheeled adventure. 

If you are among this group, you know motorcycles are fun to ride. However, you should also know you need to be particularly diligent on a bike. 

Accidents do happen. Yet, if you are aware of how they occur, they can be avoided. 

Read on to discover eight common causes of motorcycle accidents. 

1) Speeding

Just like cars, it should be no surprise speeding on a motorcycle leads to accidents. Speed limit signs exist for a reason. They show the speed at which it is safe to travel on a specific road. 

If you are going over the limit on a bike, you have less time to react. The faster you are travelling, the worse the accident can be.  

2) Lane Splitting

On a motorcycle, you have the convenience of being smaller than cars. However, you should never use this advantage to split lanes. This means driving in the middle of two lanes. 

Not only is this practice illegal, but it’s also dangerous. All it takes is a driver cutting you off to lead to motorcycle crashes

3) Jamming on the Brakes

Whether it’s you on a bike or someone in front of you laying on the breaks, it’s bad news. This action results in countless rear-end accidents. 

The fault is often difficult to determine. If you wind up in one of these types of collision, a motorcycle accident lawyer is a smart call.

Yet, these issues can be mitigated by leaving plenty of space between the person in front of your motorcycle. 

4) Poor Weather

Bikers are exposed to the elements. As such, poor weather results in many accidents. Visibility decreases, the roads are slick, and you don’t have cover. 

Check the weather radar before you go for a ride. If you see storms brewing, plan accordingly.  

5) Blind Spots

As mentioned, motorcycles are small. To this point, bikers are hard to see for other drivers. This is particularly true if you are riding in a car’s blind spot. 

A motorcycle safety tip is riding in front or behind a car’s center. Moving off to the side a driver can put you in a blind spot. 

6) Bad Road Quality 

Though motorcycles do have suspensions, they still take on bumps harder than cars. As this is the case, bad-quality roads can lead to accidents for bikers. Try to avoid roads with excessive potholes, broken pavement, debris, and other quality issues. 

7) Inexperience 

Before you set out on the highway, you need to know how to ride a motorcycle. Inexperience on a bike is a common cause of collisions. It’s up to you to handle your bike. Be sure you are very comfortable riding before traveling at high speeds. 

8) Left-Hand Turns

Intersections are a hazard for motorcyclists. Specifically, accidents occur in left-hand turn situations.

Again, this issue has to do with drivers not spotting bikers. Left-hand turns require crossing lanes of traffic. Both car and bike operators need to have their heads on a swivel during left-hand turns. 

Avoid These Causes of Motorcycle Accidents 

There is nothing like riding a motorcycle, but operators need to be careful. There are many potential dangers. Keep this guide in mind to avoid these common causes of motorcycle accidents. 

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