5 Reasons You Might Consider Using Compounding Pharmacies

5 Reasons You Might Consider Using Compounding Pharmacies

A lot of people in the US take prescription medications on a regular basis. In fact, the number hovers at around 46% of the population. That includes adults, teens, and kids. That means a lot of trips to a lot of pharmacies. Yet, regular pharmacies don’t always deliver the best service or always offer what you need. If you’ve had less than stellar experiences with your pharmacy and medications, compounding pharmacies can make for an excellent alternative.

Keep reading for five reasons why you might want to switch from a regular pharmacy to a compounding pharmacy.

  1. Ingredient Issues

It’s an unfortunate reality that some people react poorly to common preservatives found in prescription medications. The can prove true for common dyes as well.

A compounding pharmacy can create you a custom medication that takes a pass on preservatives and dyes.

  1. Get Discontinued or Out of Stock Medications

Pharmacies can often run out of a particular medication, which leaves you in lurch to find a pharmacy that has it in stock. Drug companies will routinely discontinue medications with a small group of regular users.

Pharmacies that do compounding make their medications in-house. That means they don’t run out of stock of a particular drug. It also means they can make a discontinued drug that works well for you.

  1. Specialized Dosing

Let’s say that you normally get a 150mg dose of Wellbutrin from pricepropharmacy.com. After you take it for a while, your doctor concludes that the dosage should probably be about half that strength. Except, you can’t get 75mg doses from anyone because it’s not mass-produced in that dosage.

A compounding pharmacy can create a version of your medications at a specific dosage level.

  1. Child-Friendly

Most medications taste terrible. Some of them look pretty terrible as well. That can make giving your children medication a major chore.

A compounding pharmacy can often make custom medication with friendlier flavors or offer them in less intimidating forms. That makes it easier for you to give your kids the meds they need. 

  1. Accommodate Restrictions

Any medication that comes in a gel-cap uses gelatin. A lot of gelatin comes from animal parts, which means anyone on a vegetarian diet won’t use it. Anyone staying strictly kosher or taking halal guidelines seriously cannot use medications that come in animal-based gel-caps.

A compounding pharmacy can make alternatives that let people follow their conscience or religious guidelines.

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Are Compounding Pharmacies Right for You?

Compounding pharmacies offer you an alternative to the regular pharmacy, but it doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for everyone. If you get a common medication in a common dose, you can probably stick with a normal pharmacy.

What if your medication needs don’t conform quite so well because of allergies, religion, or simple dosage level? In that case, a compounding pharmacy might prove a very useful and helpful resource for your needs.

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