300mb Movies: Watch and Download Movies Online for Free

When it is about the latest movie, people hate waiting long for it to be made available on online websites after the release. Well, there is a solution to cut short the long wait of the people. With 300mb movies, you neither have to wait for months nor go to the halls in order to watch your favorite movie. This can even save you from spending money on the movie tickets and regretting later in case the movie wasn’t worth a watch. 

Moreover, in the times of the pandemic, going to the movie theatres is not possible. So, 300mb movies are the ultimate solution to stay safe while enjoying a long list of your favourite movies. As you can get some extra time now, spending it on watching your favourite movie is a great option. In this article, we will provide you with all the important information that will help you in finding the movie of your choice and enjoying it to the fullest. 

Links to the webpage

The Government has already passed the order to ban illegal websites along with strict punishments and severe fines. However, the illegal sites still continue to function through VPN technology as well as proxy systems. This makes it difficult for the authorities to detect the sites as they operate through the proxy server and are not easily traced. 

Owing to the presence of efficient professionals in the IT department, the Government has been successful in tracing a number of unlicensed as well as illegal webpages. However, the developers of the webpages are becoming smarter. When the illegal webpages are being found out, the developers create new links or domains and continuously change their system server as well as IP address. But people are able to find the new links of the webpages and watch unlimited films on such sites without any hassle. 

What to expect from the ‘300mb movies website’?

300mb movies‘ is among the most visited websites by the viewers due to the availability of a wide range of free movies for different types of audience. The site is a popular choice among the Indians as well as the Asians who want to enjoy the TV shows, web series, and movies for free at the comfort of their home. In order to watch the movies, all you need is a strong and stable internet connection. Another reason for the popularity of the ‘300mb movies website’ is the availability of dubbed films. The site makes it easy for you to download any movie of your choice and watch it in the regional language. With the dubbed version, you can get a better understanding of the story and experience more fun while watching. Along with dubbed films, 300mb movies sites also provide you with other movies in India in a number of languages. 

300mb movies: Dimension and Quality of Movies

The 300mb movies websites can offer you a variety of options in terms of sizes as well as quality. You can easily avail of the HD version of your favourite movies. As a wide range of options is available, you can choose the quality of the film according to your wish as well as desktop demand. Even though the videos are a copied version, they provide you with excellent quality. You are sure not to regret later after downloading the series as well as movies from the 300mb movies sites. 

300mb movies

Here is a list of sizes and qualities available on the 300mb movies sites. 

  • HD
  • 140p 300mb movies
  • 240p 300mb movies
  • 360p 300mb movies
  • 480p 300mb movies
  • 720p 300mb movies
  • 1080p 300mb movies

The Revenue Source of 300mb movies Sites

‘300mb movies’ is one of the illegal websites that operate by copying the content of others, even without availing the permission of the owners of the other sites. As the Government does not support such illegal websites and imposes a ban, they usually function from different undisclosed locations. Even though there has been a number of bans, they continue to work and even keep developing new webpages. Surprisingly, even after knowing that ‘300mb movies’ is an illegal website, people keep using the website in order to get their favourite movies.

The main revenue-generating source of 300mb movies is the ads that come in between or at the beginning of the videos. When the users click on the various links, it generates revenue for the website. The sites earn through the different ads of various brands as well as sites. When you watch the videos online or download the movies, the ads will appear. However, these ads are not considered to be legal; rather they are known as spam. The legal webpages earn their revenue through the authentic ads from Google AdSense. However, illegal websites never earn their revenues through licensed ads. 

Available Quality of Movies

  • 150MB Movies
  • 250MB Movies
  • 300MB Movies
  • 400MB Movies
  • 700MB Movies

Latest Movies to watch and download on 300mb Movies

Chhapaak – Chhapaak is a recent release in which Dipika Padukone has played the lead role. The film portrays a girl’s story who has survived an acid attack. It shows how she is able to cope up with the hardest situations in life and manages to live her life against all the odds. Her struggles are a motivation for the victims having been attacked by criminals. The movie depicts the real-life incidences that girls face in rejecting a proposal. Acid attacks ruin their beauty. In spite of all the challenges, the films show how the girl was successful in leading a happy life.

Dabangg 3– As the name suggests, it is the third part of Dabangg that was released in the year 2010. Salman khan has the lead role as Robinhood Pandey, who is a policeman. The rich and powerful villain in the movie is Balli. The movie is a perfect fusion of comedy, action, and romance to give great entertainment to the viewers.

Motichoor Chaknachoor – The movie pictures Athiya Shetty and Nawaz u din Siddiqui as the lead characters. In the film, the actor is looking for a bride and comes to a village for the same purpose. On the other hand, the girl wants to get married to a boy having a job in a foreign country. The girl agrees to marry Nawaz and settle in abroad permanently. It would be exciting to see the conditions that made the girl agree to the proposal and how they got married. You are sure to enjoy watching the movie filled with romance and comedy.

Pagalpanti – Anees Bazmee is the director of the film. The lead actors include John Abraham, Anil Kapoor, and Arshad Warsi. The movie shows a story of how three men make some plans in order to get rich quickly. It is basically a comedy film that shows the journey of a friend group who tries hard to make money anyhow. 

Joker – The films show the darker side of a person. A tragedy of life makes the person a villain. The story, as well as the performance in the movie, is something worth watching. It shows how he struggles hard with different challenging situations and finally succeeds in becoming a comedian. You can find this movie on the website and enjoy it in the comfort of your home.

3 From Hell – The director of the movie is Rob Zombie. This movie is the third part of the House of a thousand Corpses film. It is a horror movie packed with suspense, comedy, as well as fun elements. The story shows how the trio spends the three scary nights and manage to successfully escape. It is among the hit movies that have gained a lot of fame at the box office.

The Lion King – It is an inspirational movie that is sure to motivate you the best. The story shows how Simba is able to survive in the forest without his parents. His wicked uncle makes him believe and regret killing his own father. However, he succeeds in making friends, enjoying life, and returning to his family even in tough situations. He leads his family, just like his father did, and fights against the enemies.

Apart from these movies, you can also find the Hindi web series, such as Paap, Fixer, and more. With a lot of videos available on the website, you can enjoy your free time watching them.

Is it a safe website?

In recent times, people are highly concerned about data safety while searching or browsing online. With the increasing risk of data safety over the internet, the concern is also growing. When you are looking to watch or download the web series and movies, it is always advisable to go for the legal websites. However, as the illegal websites offer more free services, they are popular among people. While people get engaged on the illegal sites, it gives an opportunity to the hackers to attack the sensitive data through the APK file downloads and VPN.

Websites such as 300mb Movies offer movies to the users in an illegal manner and are not licensed. Under the law, such websites are considered a criminal offence. Being unlawful and unlicensed, these websites hack the data of the viewers. In view of all these facts, you must avoid using such sites and instead use the legal websites that are registered by the Government.

What are the ideal alternatives for 300mb Movies?

Here are some of the top alternatives for 300mb Movies.

  • Netflix
  • Hotstar
  • Sony Crunch
  • Sony LIV
  • PopCornFlix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Flipkart
  • Prime Flix
  • Mx Player
  • Yify movies

Apart from these, there are several applications listed below that are considered as legal options to watch movies.


Hoopla connects fun and education in an interesting manner. With eBooks and audio versions of the books, Hoopla proves to be the best website that can be used for educational purposes. Apart from learning, the site also offers series, movies, documentaries, as well as music.

If you are seeking for more knowledge, you can easily find a wide range of books on the website. Even if you are some who don’t like reading books, you can simply use the plugin options and comfortably listen to the audio and increase your knowledge. It is one of the legal and safe sites for users. You can even find comic books and TV shows on the website.


It is a popular application-based website for Bollywood and Hollywood web series, TV shows, and movies. You can easily install the app and watch the video for free. It is readily available for download on the Google app stores as well as the iPhone app stores. 

As the application is licensed and registered, it is legal as well as safe to use. Without the need for VPN technology, it ensures the safety of your data.


On Vudu, the movies are available for sale. On paying the subscription amount, you can easily avail of the high-quality series and movies. Without any restriction on the device, you can watch the movies on any device. Signing up on the website can even provide you with free movies. Films that contain advertisements are available for free. Get unlimited offers at the earliest.


This app connects you with the movies having an educational background. With a library card, you can avail of the movies for free. The core aim is to find educational movies and documentaries. It helps you find digital libraries in an enjoyable way.


The site of 300mb Movies may not be registered under the Government. It is usually handled by the third-party authorities and unlicensed parties. This article is solely for the purpose of providing information about the series and movies available for free online. We highly discourage offensive activities such as sharing as well as watching the copied content. We suggest the viewers to avoid using the websites that contain copied content and operate in an illegal manner. It is advisable to choose the legal websites that offer high-quality content in order to secure your own privacy.